ACNH Travel Guide Privacy Policy

I do not collect any of your data. The only data the app stores is what you enter yourself: your checkmarks, hearts, tasks, turnip prices, and visitors. This is stored locally on your device, and on your own iCloud account. I cannot access this data.

The app does not display ads, so it also does not send any of your data to advertisers or trackers.

Periodically, the app checks if updated data is available, and if so, it will download it. To do so, it will make a connection to my server. No data is sent with this request, and the server does not store it.

If you decide to submit your Dream Address, your address is sent to my server and stored there, along with the date and time of the submission. No other information is stored alongside your Dream Address.

And that's it. You probably expected a lot of text here, but this is all there is to it. I just want to make a nice app for a game I love, and that's it. Thank you for reading this, and enjoy the time you can now spend on anything other than reading a long and dreadful privacy policy.

If you have any additional questions or remarks feel free to reach out to me! You can reach me at